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streaming for 4 hours today. 
come and say hi!

- Kortrex 
Since I'm currently experiencing heavy financial issues and since I'm also not receiving more than 9$ per month for my artworks, I have something to ask of you.

Thing is, I see a lot of people, like myself, trying their best with the artworks they make on platforms, such as Patreon, Twitter, Pixiv...etc. and none of them are really making that much profit, even to the point where most of them quit creating artworks. There is, however, one exception how to make good money. A lot of people, myself included up to this point, are againt this way of making money. I am talking, of course, about NSFW artworks.
I always disliked seeing people that I looked up to, switching their artstyle from something, like action artworks to complete NSFW artworks. Now, that was until now, since I kinda get why they chose to go that direction. If you run out of the financial ressources that you rely on pretty much each day, you start to understand that doing other kind of artworks isn't the worst idea, especially if you can make a living with it.

Now that I am in a similar situation, I gotta ask you guys, if you're okay with the idea of me making NSFW artworks. I know some people see it as a low move to switch to it, which I totally understand since I felt the same way, but considering my current situation it is either going that way, or completely stop to create artworks. If I switch to those NSFW artworks, I will of course, not stop creating the other kind of artworks, such as the one you can see in my gallery.

And the most important question is: are you willing to become patreons, or give me commissions if they include NSFW artworks?

Let me know in the comments, and please feel free to discuss it with me. I would love to hear your opinion on it.

Thanks guys.
Wish you all the best.

- Kortrex
One Punch Man chapter 80 - Fubuki coloring livestream.
This is going to be the last livestream of this summer. If you wanna see me do some soft-shading, now is the time. 
Hope I see you there.
As some of you may know, I'm currently working on a summer girls collection for this months patreon rewards. 
As of right now, I finished artworks of:
1. Tokyo Ghoul - Touka & Rize (swimsuit) 
2. Fairy Tail - Juvia Lockser (summer dress)
3. My Hero Academia - Uraraka (swimsuit) 
4. Naruto - Ino & Sakura (swimsuit) 

(I will also do one of the manga/anime "Food Wars" / "Shokugeki no Soma". 
If you got some request for me to color, let me know here in the comments or just send me a note, if possible with the manga panel, or screenshot as well.)

Now, all of those artworks are of the girls enjoying the summer. Some of them spend their time on the beach, others enjoying a fresh breeze on a field.
This is a special set of artworks and they are only available if you get the 15€ reward package on my Patreon. (Of Course, that is not the only reward you will get when you purchase the package)
I will provide previews to the artworks later this month.
There are currently 20 slots open for that reward package.

Here is my patreon:

I will do those kind of colorings probably for each season, so if you want to get access to them, feel free to check out my patreon and maybe consider becoming my patron, that would really help me out!!

Thanks and hope you have a good day. :)

- Kortrex
Patreon by Kortrex

Finally had the time to update all my info, as well as rewards and design on my Patreon page. 
Since I still got 1.5 months of summer break left, I hope some of you feel generous enough to support me over there, because now I have plenty of time to work on rewards. 
Thank you for those of you who take their time to check it out!

- Kortrex
Tokyo Ghoul - Rize & Touka swimsuit [stream]


drawing on twitch

Star! SCHEDULE Star!
I don't really have a set schedule for streaming, but now that exams are over, I will actually try to stream weekly.

The time depends but usually at around 10pm-2am CET.
Commission info 00 by Kortrex
Commission info LA by Kortrex
Commission info SC by Kortrex
Commission info DC by Kortrex
Commission info 02 by Kortrex
drawing on twitch

Star! SCHEDULE Star!
I don't really have a set schedule for streaming, but now that exams are over, I will actually try to stream weekly.

The time depends but usually at around 10pm-2am CET.

Vote here! 

Thank you.
- Kortrex

You are free to share your manga coloring and get feedback on it as well.
Hopefully there is a way to increase the favorites and watcher number with this way.
Let's keep the manga coloring community big and alive!

come and watch me color my first panel from My Hero Academia!
(no manga spoilers in the chat though!) :)

hope I see you in the stream!
- Kortrex
NEW NARUTO OPENING 15 COLORING / Commission in the works.
if you wanna see how I color those Naruto pictures, feel free to tune in! :)

- Kortrex
Okay so I actually opened a discord server for my watchers on Deviantart.

Here is the link to the

Discord is totally free and it allows you to chat with me.
In the discord server you can find some text-channels. For instance, in the "manga-coloring-gallery" text-channel you can post your latest artwork to show everyone else and in the "chat" text channel, you can chat with all the other people in the community (myself included).
I will still open some more, like previews and stuff, so you can actually see what I'm working on.

In conclusion, it will be a lot of fun if you could join the server (as I said, it is completely free).
can't wait to see some of your artworks!! (I will also take a look at them each time)

Have a great day! :)

- Kortrex
Naruto opening 15 coloring livestream 
come join and see how I do the coloring.

Let me know if you are in chat :) ;

Doing another livestream of me coloring a Naruto Shippuden picture.
Come say hi in the chat!
REMINDER: If you have questions about doing colorings or other stuff, go ahead and ask them in the chat!

Hope I see some of you there! :)

- Kortrex

this time you can actually hear my voice. 
if you want to ask me some questions about manga coloring, feel free to join the chat! 

Hope I see some of you there! :)

Hope I see you in the chat!!

- Kortrex

hope some of you will enjoy it :).

(I will reply to all the wishes after the stream ^^.) 

Oh and big shoutouts to the constant stream watchers!! (Much love to you guys!) 
Stream shoutouts 00 by Kortrex
17.09.2016 UPDATE: ADDED 5 MORE ARTISTS (Please check them out)
18.09.2016 UPDATE: ADDED 8 MORE ARTISTS (Please check them out)

19.09.2016 UPDATE: ADDED 4 MORE ARTISTS (Please check them out)
20.09.2016 UPDATE: ADDED 4 MORE ARTISTS (Please check them out)

(if you want to be included in this journal as well, send me a note!)

Here are all the people who participated in my "manga coloring exhibition"!



These people are still active manga coloring artists and with your support you help them improve.
You should always keep that in mind.

So far: 39 people joined the project!!
Thank you so much!


:iconafran67: afran67

Bleach 675 by afran67
Fairy Tail 477 by afran67

:icondyar-j: Dyar-J

Naruto Serious mode by Dyar-J
Fairy Tail Manga 499 Gray transformation by Dyar-J

:iconmihawk69: mihawk69

Uzumaki-Boruto-78 by mihawk69
Sonic by mihawk69

:iconkhalilxpirates: KhalilXPirates

Badass Grimmjow by KhalilXPirates
FT 499 - Gruvia by KhalilXPirates

:iconlxich: AlexeyArt

Askin Nacka le Var vs Kisuke Urahara by Lxich
Kyouraku Shunsui vs Lille Barro by Lxich

:iconvoltzix: Voltzix

Re Zero - Rem by Voltzix
Touhou - Hakurei Reimu by Voltzix

:iconjazminmtz: JazminMtz

Fairy Tail 499-spoiler despedida by JazminMtz
Nalu Prr~ by JazminMtz

:iconkuronick-arts: KuroNick-Arts

Kaneki Ken - Centipede! - Tokyo Ghoul 100 by KuroNick-Arts
Natsu Dragneel - FT Cap 463 by KuroNick-Arts

:iconkidd19: kidd19

Minato by kidd19
Bleach 685  l Toshiro  Hitsugaya  l by kidd19

:iconanimefanno1: AnimeFanNo1

Eileen Belserion_The Scarlet Despair by AnimeFanNo1
Bleach 670_Daiguren Hyourinmaru Full Maturity by AnimeFanNo1

:iconblade-of-hope: Blade-of-Hope

The Maguilty Princess by Blade-of-Hope
You, my one and only sister... by Blade-of-Hope

:iconx7rust: X7Rust

Naruto The Last Movie - family ! by X7Rust
Naruto 695 The Clash by X7Rust

:iconlabeeb11: Labeeb11

I am Kind Of Shinigami too !! by Labeeb11
This Means War !! - Fairy Tail 358 Coloring by Labeeb11

:iconiiyametaii: IIYametaII

Trunks Super Saiyan 2 by IIYametaII
Fairy Tail 498: Gray vs. Juvia by IIYametaII

:iconk9k992: k9k992

Mega Charizard X by k9k992
Toushirou Hitsugaya - bleach 659 by k9k992

:iconsemoart: semoArt

Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach by semoArt
Merlin  - Nanatsu no Taizai by semoArt

:iconmimisempai: MimiSempai

Fairy Tail : Lucy Heartfilia_Break... by MimiSempai
Naruto : Hinata_The wind of happiness by MimiSempai

:iconquiethist: Quiethist

:iconahmedxadel: ahmedxadel

Merlin-nanatsu no taizai 191 by ahmedxadel
orihime inoue-bleach 681 by ahmedxadel

:iconmagooode: Magooode

Etherious Natsu (drangeel) by Magooode
Itachi Uchiha by Magooode

:icondevioussketcher: DeviousSketcher

Naruto 676 - Sasuke's Perfect Susano'o by DeviousSketcher
Natsu Dragneel - Dragonize!? by DeviousSketcher

:iconhosuu: HOSUU

The Same Naruto by HOSUU
Cute Lucy by HOSUU

:icontofiqhuseynov: TofiqHuseynov

Natsu - Fairy Tail 447 by TofiqHuseynov
Fairy Tail 492 - Mirajane-sama by TofiqHuseynov

:iconi-devos: I-DEVOS

ONE PIECE _Badass Luffy by I-DEVOS
Fairy Tail 442 _Natsu by I-DEVOS

:iconanderson93: Anderson93

Fairy Tail - Lucy Kawaii by Anderson93
Fairy Tail 483 - Eileen Belserion by Anderson93

:icongilfrost: Gilfrost

Mirajane Strauss by Gilfrost

:iconkohaku-art: xRyuuzakii

Gaara with the Sand by Kohaku-Art
Tobi injured by Kohaku-Art

:iconkivex7: AKSIL-FT

Gray by kivex7
Fairy Tail 491 Zera v1 by kivex7

:iconallanwade: VitalikLoL

Zaraki Kenpachi Bankai by AllanWade
Angel's coming by AllanWade

:iconziuttmen: ZIUTTmen

Kakashi vs Obito by ZIUTTmen
Naruto 687 by ZIUTTmen

:iconii-trinuma-ii: II-Trinuma-II

Bleach 671 - The Perfect Crimson [Coloring] by II-Trinuma-II
Fairy Tail 477 - I'll Turn You To Ashes [Coloring] by II-Trinuma-II

:iconar-ua: AR-UA

Tokyo Ghoul RE: 30: Kaneki Ken by AR-UA
Shokugeki no Soma 134: Rindou Kobayashi by AR-UA

:iconadvance996: Advance996

For All Eternity by Advance996
Avatar Guild by Advance996

:iconhoenhaimm: Hoenhaimm

Jiraiya Last Moments of life by Hoenhaimm
Minato with Shinigami by Hoenhaimm

:iconkisi86: kisi86

Erza Bunny by kisi86
Juvia Cover FT 499 by kisi86

:iconmarxedp: MarxeDP

Lucy Heartfila Cover 472 by MarxeDP
Lucy and Happy - Fairy Tail by MarxeDP

:iconmansour-s: Mansour-s

Fairy Tail 415 death !! by Mansour-s
fairy tail I,m Sorry by Mansour-s

:iconkurosaki62: kurosaki62

sasuke by kurosaki62
Trunks by kurosaki62

:icondesignerrenan: DesignerRenan

Naruto and Sarada by DesignerRenan
Fairy Tail 477 - Natsu was burning! by DesignerRenan

Other people who still want to be included in this journal with their manga colorings can send me a note.
I really hope I can help you out! 

- Kortrex
Hey guys!
Sorry for not uploading some of my artworks recently but uploading pictures takes up a lot of time (contributing them in groups) here on deviantart.
If you want to see my latest artworks, check out my twitter or instagram. 

Okay now to the important part of this journal. 
In my opinion the manga coloring community is really starting to die out here on deviantart. Now don't get me wrong I know that there are still a lot of people who do manga colorings, but back when I started compared to the current situation, you got a ton more favs and watchers. 
To help some coloring artists grow, I want to promote their work in my next journal! 
I can't really promote all your work but I want to give people with potential and a small watcher-base a little help. 

SO, how does this work now? -Simple!
Just post the link or the "thumb" of the artwork you want to show in the comments of this journal. 
I bet there won't be many people who see this journal, but if there are too many manga colorings, I have to select a maximum of 15.
The main rules for this is:


well that is all. I hope some of you will do this. 
Thanks guys. 

- Kortrex